The Formulation Process


The care in developing our formulations is unprecedented. First, organic and wild-crafted ingredients are selected solely upon their combined beneficial properties and resulting affects on skin. They are then grown and harvested in house and constantly monitored at the atomic level until they reach the highest vitality possible. A minimum 9 months and up to a 12 year cold-extraction process ensures the highest potency of enzymes. At this point, the ingredients are meticulously blended at the atomic level in a state of the art laboratory. The technology applied then ensures that all extracts are maintained in a pro-biotic, live environment to yield unparalleled nutrient efficiency and compatibility. Zenbiotic is results oriented. Optimum regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells is the main objective that fuels the continuous development of these formulations. This lengthy process guarantees that every ingredient in our formulations directly enhances the health and beauty of skin.



Alcaline means oxygen rich

Oxygen is cruicial to the health of skin. An alkaline pH value indicates oxygen abundance. So why are most other skin care formulations acidic-based? Some companies are forced to use alcohol and chemicals to stabalize their formulations. Zenbiotic uses a holistic technology that allows our formulas to retain their true botanical pH nature, whatever it may be. What about protecting the acid mantel? Skin has many important functions, one of which, is waste elimination. Skin breathes oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, poisons, toxins, and metabolic by-products, all of which have an acidic pH value. Skin cells, however, rely heavily upon water and oxygen. Without them, skin cells would experience degenerative effects and age prematurely. Our technology attracts oxygen and most of our formulations reflect the alkaline nature of herbs and vegetables: nutrition as prescribed in a healthy diet. Because our technology delivers oxygen and nutrition directly to skin cells, the use of chemicals, alcohol, and other acid-based substances would cancel out the health effect. We use technology, not alcohol, to stabalize our formulations.


Holistic Technology

Active Nutrition Delivery Technology is the ultimate transporter of fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture cells. It oxygenates, sets the right pH level, creates water-soluble, bio-available nutrients, significantly enhances the nutritional value of the ingredients, and keeps the elements in a pro-biotic or live environment without the need for stabilizers. In essence, it makes it possible to super-feed the skin just as the body itself should ideally perform it. The technology is "bio-enhancing" because it accelerates bioelectrical activity in skin cells, increasing compatibility and absorption of essential oils and other nutrients as found in young, vibrant cells.
But the technology goes beyond nutrition. Charged natural particles via atomic magnetic force remove grime and dead cells from skin and then act to protect skin by repelling dirt and bacteria. This method allows the natural ability of our Step 1 formulations to cleanse but also enhances this ability with holistic technology.


The Result

Zenbiotic allows skin cells direct availability to oxygen, hydration and nutrition, essential elements that the body itself relies upon, but achieves this via topical application of active nutrition and effective hydrators. Never before has 100% natural skin care delivered such impressive results. Our holistic but powerful technology remarkably eliminates the need of chemicals, alcohol, parabens and preservatives yet keeps our formulas biologically stable allowing an active shelf-life of over 7 years. Ultimately, be assured that the newfound beauty of your skin derives exclusively from the optimum health. of your skin.

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