Serums, Masques, and Treatments provide live nutrition in the form of essential oils, trace minerals, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, antibodies, and immune stimulating properties that greatly enhance the health of skin. All of our products in this family target specific objectives, but together they synergistically combine to give your skin the perfect nutritional balance it needs for its beauty potential to thrive.

Which Serum Is Best For You?

Nature works best when variety is introduced, whether through exercise or nutrition. You will find your skin’s true potential for beauty by building upon a routine that includes the introduction of varying nourishing blends and an ever-changing regime. We have many serums for your skin to enjoy but during the first month or two while your skin is adjusting, we recommend using serums conservatively to tease out results rather than force them. Due to the high absorption rate of our serums, it is important not to overwhelm your skin cells with too much nutrition. You only want to supplement your skin cells with the extra needed nutrition that they may need to reach optimum health. Therefore, if you use two serums at once, use half as much as you would normally so that you end up with the same amount of nutrition but with the added benefit of variety.

Below are two typical ever-changing routines used with the Foundation Replenish Pack (Cleanser, Prep, Moisturizer). The only rules of thumb are: use less serum if combining with another serum; take a break every 2 or 3 days to let the skin rest:

 Foundation Essentials + 1 serum  Foundation Essentials + 2 serums
 Day 1: Serum A in the morning.
 Day 2: Serum A at night.
 Day 3: take a break.
 Day 4: Serum A in the morning.
 Day 1: Serum A morning; Serum B at night.
 Day 2: take a break.
 Day 3: Serum A
 Day 4: Serum B



  • balance150
    Balance Powder, .5oz

    Oily Skin Control

    It absorbs oil, seals in moisture, allows the skin to breathe and expel poisons, keeps pores tight, protects your skin from pollution and keeps you looking young. Especially helpful for acne, oily and...

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  • cell150
    Cell Renewal Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    A synergistic, highly concentrated blend of more than 80 skin-enhancing plant extracts that are carefully picked for their specific action on skin and for their synergistic interaction with the other ...

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  • collagen150
    Collagen Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Collagen Building Serum is a true anti-age serum with multiple effects: It reverses wrinkles and lines; it recaptures texture and color; it tightens up jowls, eye areas, lip lines, and neck; it re...

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  • eye150
    Eye Area Revitalizer, .5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Eye Revital significantly moisturizes for a more elastic eye zone and lip zone. The area around your eyes contains the most delicate, thinnest, fragile skin of the body. Over time this area weaken...

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  • glyco150
    Glycolic Polishing Treatment, 2oz

    Exfoliation treatment

    Glycolic Polishing Treatment, acting as an anti skin-aging aid, causes your skin to exfoliate more quickly, thus stimulating faster cell renewal that brings fresh skin cells to the surface. These give...

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  • lift150
    Lift and Firming Treatment, 0.5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition/ Anti-Wrinkle

    A cutting edge formulation developed to fight wrinkles & flaccid skin by lifting & firming. Flaccid skin occurs when collagen depletes and connective infrastructures deteriorates causing the ectoderm ...

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  • pumpkin100
    Pumpkin Masque, 1.25oz

    Masques and Treatments

    Pumpkin is naturally abundant in beta-carotene and other beautifying nutrients. The Masque removes dead skin cells that obstruct healthy skin cell activity, revives and polishes skin, fights free radi...

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  • synergy150
    Synergy Enzyme Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Synergy Serum is the newest creation in skin cell rejuvenation, featuring hyaluronic acid to rebuild, maintain, repair, and add volume to skin tissue.This multi-catalyst serum helps reverse and pr...

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  • time150
    Time Factor Age Reverse, .5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    This is THE age reversing serum! Your fountain of youth in a bottle! Tightens and smooths mature skin! Independently tested and proven, the Time Factor Serum is the latest breakthrough in reversing al...

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  • vitamin150
    Vitamin C & MSM Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    MSM & C Serum is a synergistic combination of Vitamin C, MSM, and sulfur, coupled with the soothing and moisturizing effects of aloe Vera. MSM, a safe, natural, and readily absorbed mineral derived fr...

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