Wrinkles and aging happen when one or more of the processes of creating healthy skin occur. This could be lack of collagen or an indication of a poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, not enough water, etc. Some wrinkles are of course a natural part of aging but we can minimize that process by keeping our skin as healthy as possible by giving it oxygenation, hydration, and nutrition much like how our own bodies naturally sustain themselves.

  • cell150
    Cell Renewal Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    A synergistic, highly concentrated blend of more than 80 skin-enhancing plant extracts that are carefully picked for their specific action on skin and for their synergistic interaction with the other ...

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  • collagen150
    Collagen Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Collagen Building Serum is a true anti-age serum with multiple effects: It reverses wrinkles and lines; it recaptures texture and color; it tightens up jowls, eye areas, lip lines, and neck; it re...

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  • colloidal 175
    Colloidal Silver

    Anti-bacterial, acne care

    Calms and rejuvenates skin by destroying harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions. The OxyToner performs a similar anti-acne function via oxygen, which, in abundance prevents bacteria...

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  • eye150
    Eye Area Revitalizer, .5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Eye Revital significantly moisturizes for a more elastic eye zone and lip zone. The area around your eyes contains the most delicate, thinnest, fragile skin of the body. Over time this area weaken...

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  • glyco150
    Glycolic Polishing Treatment, 2oz

    Exfoliation treatment

    Glycolic Polishing Treatment, acting as an anti skin-aging aid, causes your skin to exfoliate more quickly, thus stimulating faster cell renewal that brings fresh skin cells to the surface. These give...

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  • lift150
    Lift and Firming Treatment, 0.5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition/ Anti-Wrinkle

    A cutting edge formulation developed to fight wrinkles & flaccid skin by lifting & firming. Flaccid skin occurs when collagen depletes and connective infrastructures deteriorates causing the ectoderm ...

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  • moisture150
    Moisture Enrich Serum, 1oz

    Hydration protection

    The Moisture Enrich fights dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of drops. A plant ester and essential oil blend, the Serum is especially suitable for cold, dry and severe conditions, such as air tr...

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  • oxytoner175
    OxyToner Skin Prep, 4oz

    Step 2: Foundation Essentials

    Comprising Step 2 of the Foundation Essentials, the OxyToner Skin Prep is key to optimize results. After using the Face and Body Cleanser, the OxyToner continues to cleanse but at a deeper pore level ...

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  • Phyto Moisturizer, 4oz
    Phyto Moisturizer, 4oz

    Step 3: Foundation Essentials

    The Phyto Moisturizer, comprising step 3 in the Foundation Essentials, promotes rejuvenation by delivering essential moisture and nutrients directly to skin cells even in the driest of climates. It th...

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  • Pro Oxy Moisturizer, 4oz
    Pro Oxy Moisturizer, 4oz

    Professional product, Phyto replacement

    Originally formulated for professionals as a treatment, the Pro Oxy may be used as a supplemental to the Phyto Moisturizer, or a replacement in the case of issues occurring with the Phyto. This blend ...

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  • sun175
    Sun Protect Moisturizer, 4oz

    Sun Protection & Body Care

    The Sun Protect Moisturizer guards against the effects of UVA and UVB rays but also moisturizes skin to fight against skin damage caused by dehydration and heat. The concentration of minerals screen a...

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  • synergy150
    Synergy Enzyme Serum, 1oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    The Synergy Serum is the newest creation in skin cell rejuvenation, featuring hyaluronic acid to rebuild, maintain, repair, and add volume to skin tissue.This multi-catalyst serum helps reverse and pr...

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  • time150
    Time Factor Age Reverse, .5oz

    Step 4: Active Nutrition

    This is THE age reversing serum! Your fountain of youth in a bottle! Tightens and smooths mature skin! Independently tested and proven, the Time Factor Serum is the latest breakthrough in reversing al...

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  • winter175
    Winter Moisturizer, 2oz

    Hydration protection

    Suitable for cold, dry and severe conditions, the Winter Moisturizer combines the soothing qualities of pure essential oils as found in the Moisture Enrich Serum with the functionality of a spray usin...

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