The best non-medicated approach to acne is cleansing the skin, keeping it moist, and allowing it to breath. Exersize regularly and drink plenty of water and don't put anything on your skin that will stress it out, add chemicals that react to the pH, or block pores. The skin will naturally discharge toxins and metabolic byproducts so keeping skin subtle and clean is key to minimizing acne.

The Foundation Pack is a great first step to dealing with acne. It cleanses, oxygenates, and hydrates with clean organic formulas. If you feel you need more, choose from any of these additional aids.

  • face4oz 175
    Face & Body Cleanser, 4oz

    Step 1: Foundation Essentials

    Your skin will never again feel as clean and fresh as with the Face and Body Cleanser. Features holistic technology, this gentle yet powerful approach leaves zero residue and protects from drying....

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  • oxygen175
    Oxygen Replenish, 4oz

    Oxygenation, anti-acne/bacterial

    The Oxygen Replenish & Detoxifier delivers oxygen directly to skin cells and attracts oxygen all day long via our holistic technology. The Oxytoner performs a similar function but the Oxygen Replenish...

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  • oxytoner175
    OxyToner Skin Prep, 4oz

    Step 2: Foundation Essentials

    Comprising Step 2 of the Foundation Essentials, the OxyToner Skin Prep is key to optimize results. After using the Face and Body Cleanser, the OxyToner continues to cleanse but at a deeper pore level ...

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  • Pro Oxy Moisturizer, 4oz
    Pro Oxy Moisturizer, 4oz

    Professional product, Phyto replacement

    Originally formulated for professionals as a treatment, the Pro Oxy may be used as a supplemental to the Phyto Moisturizer, or a replacement in the case of issues occurring with the Phyto. This blend ...

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  • rinseless 175
    Rinseless Cleanser, 4oz

    Step 1: Foundation Essentials (Face & Body Cleanser replacement)

    The Rinseless Cleanser freshens and cleans your skin without the need for water. It rids the skin of dirt and bacteria without leaving a residue or stinging the eyes. This gentle, non-drying formula p...

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