Zenbiotic is committed to being the leader in ultra-natural skin care as part of your path to experience the healthiest, sexiest skin possible.  Through unprecedented innovation, we have finally been able to blend the best of modern-day science with the highest integrity of natural formulas. Based in Santa Monica, CA, Zenbiotic Innovations was born out of the quest to introduce technologically innovative and revolutionary products for the growing holistic audience. Though this technology has been in development for more than 25 years with some surprising applications, few people are aware of this technology.

About 20 years ago, a medical doctor with a PhD in mathematics and chemistry became dedicated to developing ultra-pure skin care formulations due to discovering a compelling technology that delivers active nutrition directly to skin cells and maintains the formulas stable for years without the need of preservatives. New, innovative products continue to be developed. The lab also plays a vital clinical testing role for over 20 years with evidence of duplicable results.

It is our commitment to reflect the integrity and honesty with which these products have been consistently formulated for over 25 years now. We share the vision to never compromise effectiveness, safety, and customer satisfaction. We don't add a single ingredient that doesn't directly enhance the health and beauty of skin.



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