Foundation Essentials

Healthy, beautiful skin can only derive from a strong, healthy foundation. Zenbiotic Skin Therapy builds this foundation via an effective approach utilizing pure, active, energy-rich nutrition to rebuild and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Our system is scientifically designed to rebuild a foundation that nurtures your skin back to optimum health as it enjoyed more fully in its youth.

The Foundation Pack is designed to start your foundation-building process by making available to the deepest layers of skin all of the elements that are vital for optimum health and rejuvenation: deep cleansing, oxygenation, re-hydration, and live nutrition rich in energized vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. With this nurturing foundation established, the health of your skin will continue to grow and your resulting complexion will become more vibrant and beautiful as time goes by. Your skin will continuously adjust to accept highly concentrated, live, potent nutrition, after which your skin’s health and beauty potential will begin to flourish.

Zenbiotic delivers an easy program to reflect the 4 pillars to healthy, beautiful skin

I    Deep Cleansing for the cleanest, freshest skin possible...
Beauty begins with clean skin. Dirt, oil and bacteria clog the pores and do not allow the skin to perform important functions, such as breathing and expelling toxins. Our technology utilizes powerful but gentle magnetic forces to rid the skin of dirt and bacteria. This ingenious way of cleansing does not leave a residue and does not dry the skin. It then repels dirt and bacterial for clean skin throughout the day

II   Availability of Oxygenation  for a clear, consistent complexion...
Our skin becomes more acidic as we age and, by its nature, acids steal critical O2 from cells. Such a deficiency stresses metabolism and reduces biological activity which leads to degenerative effects. Our technology ingeniously transports oxygen directly to cells and augments oxygen already present.

III   True Moisturizing with Water-Based Formulas  for dewy, soft, more youthful skin...
The one thing that can moisturize the skin is water, and water alone. Retaining moisture content is critical to maintain soft supple skin. Experts agree that oil-based" moisturizers" only trap the water present, clog pores, and attract dirt and bacteria that cause acne. Oxygen starvation ensues, poisons are trapped, and aging accelerates as a result. Our technology drives in moisture directly to skin cells in the form of herb-enriched water and retains a healthy level of hydration all day by attracting moisture from the air.

IV  Live Nutrition for improved color and reduction of wrinkles...
Raw botanical extracts contain essential nutrition for healthy skin but without an effective delivery system, bio-availability, absorption, and utilization is all but lost. Our technology accelerates and augments the bioelectrical activity in skin cells to allow unsurpassed bio-availability of active nutrition delivered directly just as the body should ideally perform it.

How do I get healthy, beautiful skin? The Foundation Essentials is a  synergistic suite that  provides your skin with the first 3 of the essential elements to create optimum health for your skin: deep cleansing, oxygenation, and true moisturizing:

Face & Body Cleanser deeply cleanses
OxyToner oxygenates and preps
Phyto Moisturizer delivers hydration

Then choose from one of our active nutrition serums from the Nutrition Category to complete the program.

  • Small 175 x 148
    Foundation Essentials

    Cleansing, Oxygenation, and Hydration basics

    The Foundation Essentials: 4oz Face Cleanser, 2 x 4oz OxyToner Skin Prep, 4oz Phyto Moisturizer. Designed synergistically to support the first three elements for optimum health: deep cleansing, oxygen...

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