Skin Facts & Myths


Fact: The water content of your skin is the most important determinant of skin texture since skin is 35% to 90% water.

Many experts say that oil-based moisturizers do nothing for the skin other than trap water, clog pores, and attract dirt and bacteria that can cause blemishes. Also, unless oils are rendered water-soluble, the valuable nutrients within cannot be utilized and may end up obstructing pores and attracting impurities that interfere with vital skin functions.   Since these "moisturizers" do not actually deliver moisture to skin, skin that is already oily or acne could become aggravated as skin becomes drier, which in turn stimulates more oil production. Therefore, true moisturizing requires that skin be hydrated directly. Zenbiotic delivers hydration directly to skin cells.

Fact: The healthiest skin contains the highest degrees of oxygen.

While most products attempt to balance to the pH of skin, products that have a pH of between 7 and 8.5 are hundreds to thousands of times more oxygenated. The American diet is largely consists of acid forming foods.  Additionally, the body constantly creates acids, this being a by-product of all metabolic processes. These acids by their nature are deficient in oxygen, our most essential single element required for metabolism. Many commercial creams prevent the skin from performing functions vital for its regeneration by obstructing the oxygenation process. Skin actually breathes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide and toxins. Applying heavy creams may promote oxygen starvation, acidification, and hinder detoxification. Aging accelerates as a result. Even ‘natural’ products can suffocate your skin if they are not soluble in water. The link between healthy skin and beautiful skin might seem quite reasonable, but for many decades the skin care industry on a commercial level has been narrowly focused on surface beautification. Many oil-based creams result in a shine that lend the illusion of moisture but instead block pores and attract dirt. Zenbiotic products excel in their ability to carry high amounts of oxygen.

Fact: At age 35 we have half the number of enzymes than as young adults.

When vital functions slow down, skin cells become weaker.  Many skin care ingredients are heat extracted, a process that kills enzymes and nutrients.   Aging, many scientists argue, is a degenerative condition, largely caused by nutrient and water deficiencies. The commercial skincare industry has been very successful in evading the root of this issue. Zenbiotic formulations are all cold extracted, sometimes for years, to ensure maximum potency.


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