Our male clientele demands simplicity and ease of use. All of our formulas are created without fragrance nor perfumes. Any aroma is intrinsic to the ingredients utilized solely for the health of skin. All of our products are either organic or wild crafted and combined with our state of the art micro magnetic technology to yield highly active, stable formulas that make the use of preservatives obsolete. 

  • oxytoner175
    OxyToner Skin Prep, 4oz

    Step 2: Foundation Essentials

    Comprising Step 2 of the Foundation Essentials, the OxyToner Skin Prep is key to optimize results. After using the Face and Body Cleanser, the OxyToner continues to cleanse but at a deeper pore level ...

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  • Phyto Moisturizer, 4oz
    Phyto Moisturizer, 4oz

    Step 3: Foundation Essentials

    The Phyto Moisturizer, comprising step 3 in the Foundation Essentials, promotes rejuvenation by delivering essential moisture and nutrients directly to skin cells even in the driest of climates. It th...

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  • rinseless 175
    Rinseless Cleanser, 4oz

    Step 1: Foundation Essentials (Face & Body Cleanser replacement)

    The Rinseless Cleanser freshens and cleans your skin without the need for water. It rids the skin of dirt and bacteria without leaving a residue or stinging the eyes. This gentle, non-drying formula p...

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  • shaving175
    Shaving Lotion, 4oz

    Body Care

    Leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and moisturized, the Shaving Lotion is the natural and high tech way to get a smooth shave without irritation, nicks, or burns....

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