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Zenbiotic skin care products are potent food for the skin. They do not have any toxic ingredients. Every ingredient in our formulations is designed to heal, to repair, and to rejuvenate, but, just as important, they will encourage and assist in the detoxification of the skin. This being the case, we want this journey for you to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. Therefore, some awareness of these products and how they work is essential.

Please have the patience to read all directions very carefully, taking special note of how much of each product to use to avoid the effects of over nourishing the skin during the 2-week adjustment period. Consult this page and Frequently Asked Questions section of the website if you have difficulty interpreting some of the effects. Furthermore, do not hesitate to call us if you still have any unanswered questions (1 800 zen.bio1). 

Thank you for trying Zenbiotic Skin Therapy, and may your quest for healthier skin be a smooth and exciting journey.

A Note on Detoxification: Because Zenbiotic organic skin care products clean and clear blocked pores, one of the initial effects may be a detoxification of the skin, an important first step before the healing and rejuvenation process can truly manifest. Just as when a person changes their diet from high fat, processed foods to a very healthy diet, the body must undergo an acclimation process to become accustomed, even though the diet is healthier. Zenbiotic natural skin care is potent food for the skin. Every ingredient in our formulations is designed to heal, to repair, and to rejuvenate, but, just as important, they will encourage and assist in the detoxification of the skin. In the case of a break out, immediately cut down on the amount of nutritional blends from the Step 4: Nutrition and consider using one or a combination of the following products:

Please have the patience to read all directions very carefully. Continue consulting this section if you have difficulty interpreting some of the effects. Furthermore, do not hesitate to call us if you still have any unanswered questions (800.zen.bio1 or email us at

A note on exfoliation: Exfoliation is the process of ridding the skin of dead and dulling cells. Although exfoliating once a week may initially help your skin to better absorb Zenbiotic products, over-exfoliation is not healthy for skin, nor is it necessary once your skin adjusts to the products. After 4 - 8 weeks, exfoliating once or twice a month is adequate if you feel its necessary.


Splash face with water then mix 1/3 to 1/2 a tea spoon of baking soda and a dime-sized amount of the Face & Body Cleanser in your palm to form a paste, very gently smooth over your entire face for one minute, no longer, and rinse thoroughly. Apply plenty of the OxyToner Skin Prep and proceed with your usual routine.

Foundation Pack Supplemental Guide

If your face feels sticky, all of the Phyto-Moisturizer is not being completely absorbed or too much was applied. This can happen during your skin's initial adjustment period, which on average ranges from 14 to 21 days.

  • Exfoliate your skin 1 to 2 times a week for the first 4 to 8 weeks, eventually cutting down to once a month.
  • Always use the Face & Body Cleanser followed by the OxyToner Skin Prep. These two steps dramatically increase the effectiveness of the Phyto Moisturizer.
  • Spray the Phyto Moisturizer no more than two inches away from the face to maximize hydration. Spray about 4 to 5 times while skin is still wet from the OxyToner Skin Prep.
  • Consider other factors that help to hydrate the skin such as a vegetable-rich diet, exercising more often, drinking more water, drinking less coffee, and using our other moisturizing products, such as the Sun Protector or Winter Moisturizer in conjunction until your skin adjusts.
  • In the case of severe dry skin due to weather, climate, or diet, introduce our Moisture Enrich or Winter Moisturizer.

If your face feels greasy, you have either used too much of the Cell Renewal Serum or it is not being properly absorbed. The Serum is significantly concentrated and skin may take a while to adjust to its potency.

  • Make sure your face is heavily moist to lightly wet with the OxyToner Skin Prep during Step 2 before applying the Cell Renewal Serum . If the issue persists, cut back usage to nighttime application or just once every other day.

If your skin feels extra sensitive, first of all, don't worry! You are part of a small percentage of people whose skin is initially sensitive and reactive to the powerful ingredients. You’re skin may be overwhelmed and needs more time to get use to being topically fed pure live nutrition.  Most people who are allergic to certain ingredients in other skin care have no problem with our formulations due to the purity of our blends, so it is still unlikely that there is an allergic reaction happening. Rather, you may be using too much too soon.

  • If your skin feels sensitive, just use the Cell Renewal Serum at night every other day until your skin becomes accustomed to being fed live nutrition.
  • The Cell Renewal Serum is NOT a moisturizer and should be used very sparingly due to its very powerful formulation. The main purpose of the Serum is to efficiently manage the natural cell turnover of your skin and deliver potent nutrition. Too much of the Serum at first can have unpredictable results due to the dramatic variations of skin types and how skin first deals with topically applied live nutrition. For the first 4 to 8 weeks make sure you are using approximately the size of half a pea for your ENTIRE face. After this period your skin will become more receptive.
  • If the condition persists, stop using the Cell Renewal Serum all together and use any of our other Serums in its place. Please call us for consultation.

If you start to break out, a rapid detoxification may be taking place. Powerful, live nutrition in the form of a serum assists in the detoxification process. We want this process to happen very slowly. Therefore it is very important to initially use only the prescribed amount of the Serums: one drop for your ENTIRE face. Initially, your skin can only accept, absorb, and utilize a small amount of nutrition. The Serums are very dense and powerful.

Temporarily eliminate use of the serums or use only in very small quantities and less frequently. Use more of the OxyToner Skin Prep and try one or both of the following products to calm, detoxify, and reduce the breakout.


Customer Submitted FAQs

Can you speak to the pH of the products and how skin is affected by it?

The American diet is largely consists of acid forming foods. Additionally, the body constantly creates metabolic by-products, which are acidic. These acids by their nature are deficient in oxygen, our most essential single element required for metabolism. Skin is naturally acidic due to these metabolic processes. Most of our products are alkaline in nature due to the pH of the botanical ingredients we use. Our products are designed to carry oxygen so they have to be alkaline to do so. Blood is alkaline as well. It has to be in order to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

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I understood skin as a breathing organ, taking in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, and that it functions as a kidney, eliminating water and salt each day. But how does Zenbiotic assist that function?

When we apply creams and oils of all types on our skin, even "natural" ones, we are preventing the skin from performing functions vital for its regeneration. These include breathing in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide and toxins as you mentioned. Oxygen starvation ensues, poisons are trapped, and aging accelerates as a result. Even ‘natural’ products can suffocate your skin if they are not soluble in water.Zenbiotic assists the function of skin by allowing your skin to breathe, hydrate, and nourish. All of our products are nano-sized, negatively charged, and water soluble. This allows for a very high absorption rate of water, oxygen, and nutrition. We only try to assist what your body already does with regards to how it naturally sustains itself. Zenbiotic is not a replacement for that bodily function. We merely hope to help you close the gap because as we get older, they body is not as sufficient in sustaining skin cells. 

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