1. It absorbs oil, seals in moisture, allows the skin to breathe and expel poisons, keeps pores tight, protects your skin from pollution and keeps you looking young. Especially helpful for acne, oily and problem skin. Learn More
  2. $68.95
    The Foundation Essentials: 4oz Face Cleanser, 2 x 4oz OxyToner Skin Prep, 4oz Phyto Moisturizer. Designed synergistically to support the first three elements for optimum health: deep cleansing, oxygenation, and hydration. Select any serum and Sun Protect Moisturizer to enhance the program. Learn More
  3. Glycolic Polishing Treatment, acting as an anti skin-aging aid, causes your skin to exfoliate more quickly, thus stimulating faster cell renewal that brings fresh skin cells to the surface. These give you a younger, hydrated, more vital, attractive skin. The technological breakthrough of our Live Nutrition Delivery system allows for the replacement of synthetic chemicals with more powerful, natural ingredients that do the same work as synthetics, only better and safely, lending no negative side affects such as increased sun sensitivity nor dryness, but please read *Note in the instructions. Learn More
  4. A cutting edge formulation developed to fight wrinkles & flaccid skin by lifting & firming. Flaccid skin occurs when collagen depletes and connective infrastructures deteriorates causing the ectoderm to separate from the mesoderm. The Treatment helps skin to re-connect while also providing collagen-building nutrients. It can be used on any body part. Learn More
  5. The Oxygen Replenish & Detoxifier delivers oxygen directly to skin cells and attracts oxygen all day long via our holistic technology. The Oxytoner performs a similar function but the Oxygen Replenish is specifically designed to maximize oxygen delivery. Learn More
  6. Comprising Step 2 of the Foundation Essentials, the OxyToner Skin Prep is key to optimize results. After using the Face and Body Cleanser, the OxyToner continues to cleanse but at a deeper pore level where bacteria and toxins can persist. Oxygen is essential for beautiful skin. The OxyToner deeply oxygenates skin cells to promote efficient metabolism and to help fight toxins and bacteria. It also neutralizes chlorine and sets the pH of skin to dramatically improve the absorption and performance of successive products, such as the Phyto-Moisturizer and serums. Learn More
  7. The Phyto Moisturizer, comprising step 3 in the Foundation Essentials, promotes rejuvenation by delivering essential moisture and nutrients directly to skin cells even in the driest of climates. It then maintains this hydration level all day long. This light but powerful formula does not obstruct the breathing function of the pores. It vitalizes all skin types but it is especially valuable for oily, acne, dry, rosacea and mature skin. Learn More
  8. Originally formulated for professionals as a treatment, the Pro Oxy may be used as a supplemental to the Phyto Moisturizer, or a replacement in the case of issues occurring with the Phyto. This blend is enzyme active and formulated to give you moist, firm, and glowing skin with volume and texture. Like the Phyto Moisturizer, it delivers water and nutrients directly into your skin. It does not obstruct breathing function of the pores, yet moisturizes even in the driest climates. Learn More
  9. Pumpkin is naturally abundant in beta-carotene and other beautifying nutrients. The Masque removes dead skin cells that obstruct healthy skin cell activity, revives and polishes skin, fights free radicals by delivering an abundant amount of antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate skin. The result is polished, firmer, more lustrous skin. Learn More
  10. $12.95
    The Rinseless Cleanser freshens and cleans your skin without the need for water. It rids the skin of dirt and bacteria without leaving a residue or stinging the eyes. This gentle, non-drying formula prepares skin for other nourishing formulations. Use this waterless face wash for fresh clear skin on the go! Learn More
  11. Leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and moisturized, the Shaving Lotion is the natural and high tech way to get a smooth shave without irritation, nicks, or burns. Learn More
  12. $21.95
    The Sun Protect Moisturizer guards against the effects of UVA and UVB rays but also moisturizes skin to fight against skin damage caused by dehydration and heat. The concentration of minerals screen against UV damage. Rated for moderate use and similar to an SPF rating of about 30 - 35. Learn More

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