Vitamin C & MSM Serum, 1oz

Vitamin C & MSM Serum, 1oz

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New size, twice as much! MSM & C Serum is a synergistic combination of Vitamin C, MSM, and sulfur, coupled with the soothing and moisturizing effects of aloe Vera. MSM, a safe, natural, and readily absorbed mineral derived from the ocean and found in many raw foods, performs highly important functions. It enhances tissue pliability and encourages the repair of damaged skin. Lastly, sulfur is essential for making collagen, the substance that binds all structures of skin together.


Only our technology allows vitamin C to remain stable in its true form and to be readily absorbed into the skin. Vitamin C protects against UV rays and, as an anti-oxidant, against free radical damage. Without topical application, however, Vitamin C is not present in the skin.


The synergistic combination of the two are very powerful in creating plump, radiant, and healthy looking skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines almost immediately upon application. Excellent results against acne.

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Aloe Vera gel (certified organic), distilled water, vitamin C, MSM organic sulfur, herb extract complex, vitamin E, pure vegetable glycerin.



Always keep the Vitamin C Serum refrigerated. The abundance of anti-oxidants breaks down the formula over time if not kept cool. The Serum will last 1 month un-refrigerated and 6 months refrigerated. Only the Collagen Serum and the Vitamin C Serum require refrigeration; all other Zenbiotic products do not require refrigeration. Before use, take out and let sit for 3 - 5 minutes to allow for easier dispensing as the cold temperature will increase viscosity. First use the Face and Body Cleanser followed by the OxyToner Skin Prep and Phyto Moisturizer for maximum hydration, absorption, and effectiveness. Leave skin very moist from the above steps.. Spray with more OxyToner if necessary. While skin is still moist, dispense 1- 3 drops and smooth into skin with gentle circular movements, tapping around the eyes. Finish with a few more sprays of OxyToner to increase the absorption of the serum and act as medium for application. Use up to 3 times a week conservatively.


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Most natural Vitamin C I've found
Super well absorbed. I thought that having to refrigerate it would be a pain but actually it feels better on my skin when applied cold than the other products so now I keep all of my serums in the frig.
Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 11/10/2015)
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