The second pillar for healthy beautiful skin, this family further cleanses pores, helps to detoxify skin, and neutralizes chlorine found in water. As we age, our skin becomes more acidic, and by its nature, depletes critical oxygen from cells. Such a deficiency stresses metabolism and reduces biological activity which leads to degenerative effects. These formulas provide needed oxygenation to skin for detoxification and metabolic processes.

Moreover, it significantly contributes to establishing the pH for successful absorption of successive steps and products.

Excellent for acne.

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    Calms and rejuvenates skin by destroying harmful bacteria and pathogens that impair cell functions. The OxyToner performs a similar anti-acne function via oxygen, which, in abundance prevents bacteria growth. Colloidal silver is a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections and acne and unlike some antiseptics, it does not destroy tissue cells. Learn More
  2. The Oxygen Replenish & Detoxifier delivers oxygen directly to skin cells and attracts oxygen all day long via our holistic technology. The Oxytoner performs a similar function but the Oxygen Replenish is specifically designed to maximize oxygen delivery. Learn More
  3. Comprising Step 2 of the Foundation Essentials, the OxyToner Skin Prep is key to optimize results. After using the Face and Body Cleanser, the OxyToner continues to cleanse but at a deeper pore level where bacteria and toxins can persist. Oxygen is essential for beautiful skin. The OxyToner deeply oxygenates skin cells to promote efficient metabolism and to help fight toxins and bacteria. It also neutralizes chlorine and sets the pH of skin to dramatically improve the absorption and performance of successive products, such as the Phyto-Moisturizer and serums. Learn More

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