This family provides skin cells direct hydration in the form of herb-enriched water and water-soluble essential oils for added richness that penetrates deeply into the skin and promotes the vital exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Skin is 35% to 90% water depending on the state of its health. Retaining that water is critical to maintaining soft, smooth and supple skin.

The water content of your skin is the most important determinant of skin texture. The one thing that can moisturize or re-hydrate the skin is water, and water alone.

Although all of our products moisturize to some extent, this family is exceptionally good at re-hydration and protection, especially in severe weather.

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    The Moisture Enrich fights dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of drops. A plant ester and essential oil blend, the Serum is especially suitable for cold, dry and severe conditions, such as air travel and dry climates. Used in conjunction with the OxyToner Skin Prep or Oxygen Replenish, the formula is water soluble and adds richness to skin without obstructing pores. Add a few drops to the Winter Moisturizer to combine the soothing qualities of the Moisture Enrich with the functionality of a spray. Learn More
  2. The Phyto Moisturizer, comprising step 3 in the Foundation Essentials, promotes rejuvenation by delivering essential moisture and nutrients directly to skin cells even in the driest of climates. It then maintains this hydration level all day long. This light but powerful formula does not obstruct the breathing function of the pores. It vitalizes all skin types but it is especially valuable for oily, acne, dry, rosacea and mature skin. Learn More
  3. Originally formulated for professionals as a treatment, the Pro Oxy may be used as a supplemental to the Phyto Moisturizer, or a replacement in the case of issues occurring with the Phyto. This blend is enzyme active and formulated to give you moist, firm, and glowing skin with volume and texture. Like the Phyto Moisturizer, it delivers water and nutrients directly into your skin. It does not obstruct breathing function of the pores, yet moisturizes even in the driest climates. Learn More
  4. Suitable for cold, dry and severe conditions, the Winter Moisturizer combines the soothing qualities of pure essential oils as found in the Moisture Enrich Serum with the functionality of a spray using the Oxygen Replenish as a medium. It fights dryness and wrinkles with just a couple of sprays. Our technology makes the oil blends a rich, water-soluble nutrient solution that moistens and soothes. Learn More

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